NYPD committed Crimes in my Case and how many other cases?

They love using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend I was not coerced and the NYPD did not commit a pile up of crimes.
The Detectives in my case Det Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer, their partners, and supervisors and facebook friends NYPD PO Eugene Schatz aka Gene Schatz and Det Tommy Moran were party to the fact Verogna was lying in his DD5s and was going to verbally violently threaten me over the phone because the cowardly criminal detectives and supervisors did not have it in them to commit the crimes they committed and face me but they did use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they dd not commit crimes and Internal Affairs has protected them along w/ top brass all party to retaliation.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Internal Affairs Over-run Not Picking up the Phone too busy with NYPD Corruption or IAB's?

 I want to run a corrupt detectives name by them since they have with held the names of the detectives for over half a year --- the corrupt detectives that took Delita Hooks false cross complaint which my video proves and oops by sheer luck I happen to get the name of the detective......  I finally just learned one of their names.   If I had his name I could have named him in the law suit.

Oh corrupt detective  let's call him Andy, he never called me!  Andy never contacted me.  Just like corrupt Det John Vergona  these guys were never going to investigate this violent assault at the medical office but fix it.

Andy got a false cross complaint from Delita Hooks as the video proves and NEVER contacted me.
Det. John Vergona refused repeatedly to meet me to see the damage to my eye and the defensive wounds to my left forearm.  How do you like that for investigative work but depositing their pay checks that was a sure thing like they agreement to fix this violent assault?

IAB to busy to pick up the phone.  I did leave two voice mails.

so I want to after 7 months and 10 days since the assault officially say his name to them....not sure of the spelling and my source wasn't helpful....

You see today -- this morning I found out I will have scar tissue in the back of my eye over when Delita Hooks violently ran and punched me -- she had made a hole in my retina -- I had to get surgery or go blind....watch the video -- when she punches me the video shuts off....

the video that is shaming Dr. Fagelman, Delita Hooks and the NYPD....  The video has over 5,600 views.....


Thanks to corrupt NYPD and IAB as well as Dr. Fagelman the violent liar Delita Hooks has no idea she has done anything wrong.  None. 

IAB so over run with corruption but the question is it IAB's very own since for over half a year they have yet to call me but IAB does admit to me the case is open.

A lawyer wrote a clever letter and Delita Hooks signed that letter as if she wrote it.  There is no way she drafted that letter and the lawyer did not want to put the lawyer name on the letter and I know why.
Hmm any friends in the police department?

Also the letter Ron Kuby faxed is not the letter I agreed to.  I have an email to prove it.  Ron has a great heart but he left out the one word that meant the most to me and I had praised him for it on my blog only to find out he never sent what I agreed to.

How did I stumble on to this info......??????

For anyone that lies and says I provoked that violent insane attack by Delita Hooks may you rot with her in hell for eternity.

I did nothing to provoke her insane violent rage but she did provoke me repeatedly so much so she provoked me to seek help from my MD Dr. Vine who was already in with a patient.

My eye -- it has to be monitored now always because of the scar tissue from Delita Hooks assault.
I have to monitor my vision from now on and the scar tissue has to be checked for the rest of my life.

FYI: Law suits against the NYPD are so many and new trend rise in law suits against IAB.

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