NYPD committed Crimes in my Case and how many other cases?

They love using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend I was not coerced and the NYPD did not commit a pile up of crimes.
The Detectives in my case Det Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer, their partners, and supervisors and facebook friends NYPD PO Eugene Schatz aka Gene Schatz and Det Tommy Moran were party to the fact Verogna was lying in his DD5s and was going to verbally violently threaten me over the phone because the cowardly criminal detectives and supervisors did not have it in them to commit the crimes they committed and face me but they did use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they dd not commit crimes and Internal Affairs has protected them along w/ top brass all party to retaliation.

I had respected the NYPD until NYPD PO Gene Schatz and his facebook friends Detective Andrew Dwyer and Det John Vergona, with their partners, and supervisors DI Ed Winski, Lt Angelo Burgos and Sgt Chen did a bait and switch downgrading their crimes and Delita HOOKS crimes to no crimes. Google Dr Fagelman assault and see Delita HOOKS in action but she wasn't done breaking laws and the NYPD detectives and supervisors joined in and did Dr Andrew Fagelman quite a favor since he did not fire his violent, manipulative attack receptionist and when a private investigator asked Dr Fagelman did you talk to the NYPD he said "no comment" aka he would implicate himself in the crimes of arranging for Delita HOOKS to walk in and commit a crime filing a false cross complaint and Dr Fagelman was party to even more crimes the face Det John VERGONA was going to violently threaten me over the phone with false arrest on a Saturday 4pm only for the utmost retaliation and even fabrication of crimes which Eric Garner outlines in his own case 4 years ago....
These corrupt evil people would teach be about the real NYPD and how they break laws, do fixing and favors and all these years Internal Affairs protected these crimes along with Corp Counsel Zachary Carter lied in my case and his predecessor before him.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ray Kelly Charles Campisi Internal Affairs Corruption My Case Just 1 Example Police to corrupt to police the corrupt Call Internal Affairs No Ansnwer

Ray Kelly Charles Campisi Internal Affairs Corruption My Case Just 1 Example Police to corrupt to police the corrupt Call Internal Affairs No Answer

Dear FBI Agents who should be helping us to get a new Commission in to NYPD and Internal Affairs corruption -- my phone records for 11:46 - 12 noon show me attempting to call IAB and no one picking up.  I recorded on video some of my attempt and my voice mail.

I am trying to make a new complaint against IAB based on my investigation I believe or allege someone high up in IAB is involved in fixing this case as much as the NYPD that sealed Delita Hooks false cross complaint in under 1 year as I learned from Ray Kelly's lawyer who did not seem to understand what she was telling me -- FYI -- you don't see cross complaints in under a year unless you are hiding something  so IAB did not pick up my calls and as a pro se litigant and a New Yorker I believe I have a right to file as many complaints against IAB as needed until IAB does their job and get status updates including as pro se.

I recorded the voice mail to play for Bratton's new IAB Chief top brass etc…..

1)  I am suing Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi along with all the NYPD and IAB officers who's names I could get but plenty were with held along with badge numbers….

Ray Kelly's lawyer admitted to me in our first phone conversation that Delita Hooks (false) cross complaint was sealed.    I knew that sealing a false cross complaint in under a year was a sign of corruption --- that the corrupt cops sealed her false cross complaint along with their crime of coercion but

Internal Affairs some how did not understand that COERCION is a crime -- to date I have never been interviewed and never was interviewed re: coercion…

IAB did no notice that the corrupt cops sealed Delita Hooks false cross complaint?

Of course they did.

IAB Lt. Fikru admitted the video speaks for itself but he said he he is only investigating my allegations against IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell.

Mary O'Donnell had read Ron Kuby's letter to me and Delita Hooks letter to her NYPD pals openly threatening me but again nothing registered.    O'Donnell was careful to not let me see the letters.

She gave me Det Andy Dwyer's name but I accidentally handed her my notes and she saw I spelled Dwyer "Drier" and when I called her and asked her to send back my notes -- she said she would.  She did not send back my notes.  I asked her to spell the detectives name and she spelled it incorrectly as I had written it proof in my opinion she is corrupt.    I also believe she did not read Kuby's letter to me and Kuby never gave me a copy that I am aware of but in Ray Kelly and cops motion to dismiss their lawyer gives me Kuby's letter  and it is shorthand for I am being coerced.

Kelly's and the defendants lawyer also shows us in their motion to dismiss that I fear for my safety.   I learn Delita Hooks weighs at least 135 pounds and that the NYPD consider her lacking proficiency in English so who ghost wrote her letter to her NYPD pals that threatens me just like the "cunt calling" lawyer that harassed me and I allege is guilty of witness tampering Sunday night after I was asserted stating if I take ANY LEGAL action he would turn the tables on me.   Det Vergona had no response to me being called a cunt and threatened and seemed to take over where the cunt calling lawyer left off after he deleted his account.  The NYPD didn't seem to care and appeared to be on fixing this savage attack but I reported the cunt calling hate crime to Goolge YouTube who did care and the cunt calling lawyer who I alerted of my actions deleted his account.


Ray Kelly's lawyer told me the NYPD could turn me away because there was no assault.

That is not what PO Migori tells me and Sgt Chen refuses to come down and talk to me and he was the one who said I had a right to report the false cross complaint…..  You can hear Migori say she spoke to the Sgt so she is repeating what he told her and that is not what Ray Kelly's lawyer tells me.

he said you were the one assaulted at the doctor's office sounding like he was trying to hold back laughter….

he begrudgingly told me to come in and report it that I could make a complaint.

Ray Kelly's lawyer's opposition to dismiss withhold everything to do with Det Andy Dwyer and the fact he never contacted me but the lawyer admits Det Vergona called Delita Hooks.

So the NYPD fixers met with Delita Hooks the woman who savagely attacked me and did about a 10 to 15 foot game of knock out the goal to knock me down and drag me by my hair to the elevator.

The NYPD met with my attacker -- both sets of detectives talked to her but Det Vergona refused repeatedly to meet with me to see the damage to my eye neck and defensive wounds to my arm from the key seen in the video.

The fix was in.

Det Vergona tried me like a liar -- which eye -- I said if you are confused let me show you my eye in person. He refused -- the fix was in and Det Vergona started his abuse stating I don't care if you have two black eyes at the same time I reported the fist YouTube aggravated harassment falsely blaming me and lying stating there was another video.  If only there was -- you would see how beautiful I looked and how many bags I was holding and the iPhone -- and I have medical proof my arm was numb from 2 injections not that Internal Affairs was interested.

IAB has never met with me to interview on Det John Vergona Coercing me and the video and medical reports before I sued and now today IAB not picking up the phone so I video taped my efforts to call IAB with new information that confirms IAB as guilty as the NYPD in fixing.

IAB did notice the NYPD sealed the false cross complaint, Ron Kuby's letter vs Delita Hooks letter -- IAB O'Donnell and her partner would have to lie under oath and in my opinion I am not sure about O'Donnell but I do not believe her partner would lie.  He told me I had time regarding the Statute of Limitations regarding Delita Hooks assaulting me.

There is more -- I got evidence from Ray Kelly's motion to dismiss --- I got Delita Hooks false cross complaint because of one honest cop and it took almost 1 year to find it.

CCRB could have taken all of this to the DA but refused.

The AG Investigations Unit told me to call Cy Vance Manhattan DA directly and I did every unit possible and was blown off.  I filed a complaint against the DA with the AG and never heard back.  The complaint also included Cy Vance not going after 911 Tech Corruption as per John Liu's request via his audit and no criminal investigation of St Vincent's Hospital Crooks.

Now I wait for Bratton his top brass including the new Chief of Detectives and the new Head of Internal Affairs.



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