NYPD committed Crimes in my Case and how many other cases?

They love using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend I was not coerced and the NYPD did not commit a pile up of crimes.
The Detectives in my case Det Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer, their partners, and supervisors and facebook friends NYPD PO Eugene Schatz aka Gene Schatz and Det Tommy Moran were party to the fact Verogna was lying in his DD5s and was going to verbally violently threaten me over the phone because the cowardly criminal detectives and supervisors did not have it in them to commit the crimes they committed and face me but they did use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they dd not commit crimes and Internal Affairs has protected them along w/ top brass all party to retaliation.

I had respected the NYPD until NYPD PO Gene Schatz and his facebook friends Detective Andrew Dwyer and Det John Vergona, with their partners, and supervisors DI Ed Winski, Lt Angelo Burgos and Sgt Chen did a bait and switch downgrading their crimes and Delita HOOKS crimes to no crimes. Google Dr Fagelman assault and see Delita HOOKS in action but she wasn't done breaking laws and the NYPD detectives and supervisors joined in and did Dr Andrew Fagelman quite a favor since he did not fire his violent, manipulative attack receptionist and when a private investigator asked Dr Fagelman did you talk to the NYPD he said "no comment" aka he would implicate himself in the crimes of arranging for Delita HOOKS to walk in and commit a crime filing a false cross complaint and Dr Fagelman was party to even more crimes the face Det John VERGONA was going to violently threaten me over the phone with false arrest on a Saturday 4pm only for the utmost retaliation and even fabrication of crimes which Eric Garner outlines in his own case 4 years ago....
These corrupt evil people would teach be about the real NYPD and how they break laws, do fixing and favors and all these years Internal Affairs protected these crimes along with Corp Counsel Zachary Carter lied in my case and his predecessor before him.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NYPD Det James Griffin A Hero Exposing NYPD internal Affairs Bureau betrayal abuse of whistleblowers!!!

NYPD Det James Griffin A Hero Exposing NYPD internal Affairs Bureau betrayal abuse of whistleblowers!!!

Is this the case where now head of internal affairs chief Reznick called and NYPD Officer a rat or yet another case?


A former Brooklyn police detective who claimed his career was ruined after he was labeled a “rat” by other detectives in his squad will receive a $280,000 settlement from New York City.

The lawsuit by the former detective, James E. Griffin, offered a look at the retaliation that police officers can face for reporting allegations of misconduct to the Internal Affairs Bureau. In his case, Mr. Griffin said he had found the word “rat” scrawled on his locker and that other detectives in the 83rd Precinct’s detective squad in Bushwick refused to work with him. Although he switched units a couple of times, the reputation followed him; he was ostracized in each new unit, he claimed.

The retaliation began, Mr. Griffin claimed, after he called Internal Affairs in 2005 about a fellow officer who, he believed, was trying to frame him in an internal inquiry into a homicide case that his squad had mishandled.

He said he was forced to retire in 2009, his career in shambles. In a lawsuit filed in Federal District Court in Brooklyn in 2010, he accused the Police Department of violating his First Amendment rights, among others; the case was settled last week.

In a statement on Tuesday, the city’s Law Department said the settlement was not an admission of wrongdoing but “was in the best interest” of the city.

Reached by telephone on Tuesday, Mr. Griffin, who now works in the security field, said he agreed to settle the case because he wanted “to put it behind me and move on.”

Thanks and gratitude for making a difference.  
ps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you. 

I'm very happy for this retired officer because I'm sure he suffered an awful lot I'm suffering I'm in terrible pain and I also am having problems with my vision I don't believe I'll ever put it behind me I don't believe they'll ever be compensated the way I should be. 

I do not believe the New York Police Department and internal affairs have a moral compass and even human decency to take responsibility for their role of what they did to me and are still doing to me...

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