NYPD committed Crimes in my Case and how many other cases?

They love using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend I was not coerced and the NYPD did not commit a pile up of crimes.
The Detectives in my case Det Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer, their partners, and supervisors and facebook friends NYPD PO Eugene Schatz aka Gene Schatz and Det Tommy Moran were party to the fact Verogna was lying in his DD5s and was going to verbally violently threaten me over the phone because the cowardly criminal detectives and supervisors did not have it in them to commit the crimes they committed and face me but they did use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they dd not commit crimes and Internal Affairs has protected them along w/ top brass all party to retaliation.

I had respected the NYPD until NYPD PO Gene Schatz and his facebook friends Detective Andrew Dwyer and Det John Vergona, with their partners, and supervisors DI Ed Winski, Lt Angelo Burgos and Sgt Chen did a bait and switch downgrading their crimes and Delita HOOKS crimes to no crimes. Google Dr Fagelman assault and see Delita HOOKS in action but she wasn't done breaking laws and the NYPD detectives and supervisors joined in and did Dr Andrew Fagelman quite a favor since he did not fire his violent, manipulative attack receptionist and when a private investigator asked Dr Fagelman did you talk to the NYPD he said "no comment" aka he would implicate himself in the crimes of arranging for Delita HOOKS to walk in and commit a crime filing a false cross complaint and Dr Fagelman was party to even more crimes the face Det John VERGONA was going to violently threaten me over the phone with false arrest on a Saturday 4pm only for the utmost retaliation and even fabrication of crimes which Eric Garner outlines in his own case 4 years ago....
These corrupt evil people would teach be about the real NYPD and how they break laws, do fixing and favors and all these years Internal Affairs protected these crimes along with Corp Counsel Zachary Carter lied in my case and his predecessor before him.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Letter from Sunny Sheu to CCRB complaining about kidnapping and death threats by NYPD detectives ONE MONTH before his murder


Letter from Sunny Sheu to CCRB complaining about kidnapping and death threats by NYPD detectives ONE MONTH before his murder

This is the letter Sunny Shue sent to the CCRB complaining that he was kidnapped and threatened with death by two NYPD detectives. The NYPD officers that detained Sunny without a warrant committed "Kidnapping in the Second Degree" under the NY Penal Code PENAL LAW 135.20. This is a B Felony which carries a penalty of one to eight years in prison.

"A person is guilty of second-degree kidnapping if he or she abducts another person (§ 135.20). This crime lacks the aggravating circumstances in first-degree kidnapping, and it is ranked as a class B felony. A person who is convicted of a class B felony in New York State can be sentenced to one to eight years in prison (§ 70.00)."

This letter was written after a lengthy meeting with the CCRB at which Sunny was told that he was not entitled to the name of the person that ordered his detention. 

Exactly two months after this letter was written, Sunny Sheu was found bludgeoned to death on a remote dead end street in Queens. 

Had the CCRB alerted the detectives that kidnapped and threatened Sunny that their actions were being investigated, there is a good chance he would be alive today.

Ms. Joan M. Thompson
Executive Director
CCRB                                     4/26/2010

Dear Ms. Thompson:

                How are you doing ? I have filed complaint against two NYPD Det to your office, but I think the investigator who handles my case misunderstanding my complaint. Furthermore, the two Det’s name from Captain Sylvester Ge maybe fake, because while FBI agent called to Captain Ge, he told FBI agent “No case” and I never have chance to see pictures to identify the two Det and your office may never request the ‘log” to see who filed complaint against me and when and who assigned the two Det to Queens Supreme Court ,and the judge’s home.

Would you mind to assign the other investigator to handle my case ?


I told the supervisor of investigator “after I step out the court room, the two Det run to stop in front of me they told me “ We need to talk with you about your mortgage fraud case”, they flash a ID and show me they weare gun.  

I said ok, let’s sit down on there (there are bench on the other side of hall way”,but they said “NO, NO,you need go to our place”, I told thme I don’t want to go, let’s sit down on the bench and talk”, then the two Det move to standing with me side by side,one on my right handside,the other one on  my left hand side”, they force me go with them. I insist to sit down on the bench, but they weare guns and force me go with them. Is not this a kidnapping or intentional false arrest ?

Kidnapping or intentional false arrests, resulting in a loss of liberty.

1.They flash their badge, show me they weare gun, I ask their business card or name,they said “you don’t need”. From first minute to last minute, they refused to identify themselves or gave business card.

2. By fraud, they told me they need to talk with me about my mortgage fraud case, I answer, let’s sit down on the bench, but they said “No”, go to our office,

3. By force, they show me they weare gun again and change position, one standing in my right hand side, the other in my left hand side, force me to go with them. I said “NO”, let’s sit down there (on the other side of hall way has bench), but they forced me go with them to a small unmarked car ,then ride to Queens DA office back door.

No Miranda warning

No complaint number

No any legal paper

Criminal Restraint:
They act like mafia, shouting and shouting to give me a “listen”, to warning again and again.
They “abuse authority” to “knowingly hold me in a condition of involuntary in a small room inside Queens DA office.

They refuse me to see lawyer or Assistant DA Jason Garelick or Mike Abseny (they handled my mortgage fraud case in Queens DA office).

Criminal threatening
1.They act like mafia in God father movie, kept said “Every place has gan”.
2.They force me Never file complaint about Judge Joseph Golia bias,discrimination,deprive my due process rights to counter claim,cross claim,discovery,deposition,subpoena any piece of paper,or people to foreclosure my home.
3.They forced me to give up my house,they said my house is belong to the bank,never fighting again.

Witness intimidation
They forced me Never contact Det Keith Ng,Kin Lee again ,these two police used to handle my mortgage fraud investigation, they agreed to testify about thcommitted by the other criminals without subpoena.

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  1. Following the CCRB's receipt of this letter, I accompanied Sunny to the CCRB to make sure they understood the gravity and urgency of Sunny's situation.

    I was astonished and appalled at the treatment he received. The woman he met with refused to acknowledge that he had any valid claim, and told him that it was not the CCRB's responsibility to find out who ordered his illegal detention.

    She defended the actions of the cops and berated Sunny Sheu.

    I tried to record her abuse on my phone and we were thrown out of the office.

    The CCRB is a disgrace.

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