NYPD committed Crimes in my Case and how many other cases?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefofDept‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDFIRSTDEP‬⁩ ⁦‪@TheIACP‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDnews‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDDetectives‬⁩ ⁦‪@MjrCitiesChiefs‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefPatrol‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYCPBA‬⁩ ⁦‪@MarcSantia4NY‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDCT‬⁩ youtu.be/syrc3ncHFTI ask PC O’Neill, Bratton, Ray Kelly, Pulaski, Boyce, Esposito, Banks, Lt Gannon about audio Sgt Chen PO Magori prevent me from reporting Delita Hooks false cross complaint lying I am not from DA or a det. so I am not allowed to report the crime! #NYPD Lies!
http://nypdnewcommission.blogspot.com/2017/04/ray-kelly-charles-campisi-bratton.html They love using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend I was not coerced and the NYPD did not commit a pile up of crimes.


Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it with NYPD Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights!

The Detectives in my case Det Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer, their partners, and supervisors and facebook friends NYPD PO Eugene Schatz aka Gene Schatz and Det Tommy Moran were party to the fact Verogna was lying in his DD5s and was going to verbally violently threaten me over the phone because the cowardly criminal detectives and supervisors did not have it in them to commit the crimes they committed and face me but they did use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they dd not commit crimes and Internal Affairs has protected them along w/ top brass all party to retaliation.

I had respected the NYPD until NYPD PO Gene Schatz and his facebook friends Detective Andrew Dwyer and Det John Vergona, with their partners, and supervisors DI Ed Winski, Lt Angelo Burgos and Sgt Chen did a bait and switch downgrading their crimes and Delita HOOKS crimes to no crimes. Google Dr Fagelman assault and see Delita HOOKS in action but she wasn't done breaking laws and the NYPD detectives and supervisors joined in and did Dr Andrew Fagelman quite a favor since he did not fire his violent, manipulative attack receptionist and when a private investigator asked Dr Fagelman did you talk to the NYPD he said "no comment" aka he would implicate himself in the crimes of arranging for Delita HOOKS to walk in and commit a crime filing a false cross complaint and Dr Fagelman was party to even more crimes the face Det John VERGONA was going to violently threaten me over the phone with false arrest on a Saturday 4pm only for the utmost retaliation and even fabrication of crimes which Eric Garner outlines in his own case 4 years ago....
These corrupt evil people would teach be about the real NYPD and how they break laws, do fixing and favors and all these years Internal Affairs protected these crimes along with Corp Counsel Zachary Carter lied in my case and his predecessor before him.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

judge Lynn Kotler Spells my Name wrong 2 documents NYPD corp counsel wrong doing please forward case to US Attorney. Judge Kotler says not her job

Judge Lynn Kotler Motion to Dismiss a Lie?


WOW HOW SLOPPY -- SHE REMINDS ME OF THE CORRUPT DIRTY MANHATTAN DA -- AMAZING!  The ADAs were getting close to possibly arresting  Delita Hooks for 2nd degree assault, menacing and the false cross complaint but an ADA told me if they did arrest her no NYPD were to be involved that Ms Berry would make the arrest but it didn't happen.  The fix was in just like Charles Hynes office and you should have seen the forms -- they made so many mistakes and I have audios of ADAs lying to me and emails to back it up.

Judge Lynn said I made no claims and I did.

There are claims and I addressed one of them at the oral argument when I stated I was coerced and corp counsel was lying bold facing lying stating I was not.

For more on my thoughts  judge Lynn and corp counsel's pal "Lorraine" as they refer to her read my post.. http://corruptny-c.blogspot.com/2016/08/judge-lynn-kotler-corrupt.html
Judge Lynn Kotler has one of the nastiest psycho clerks I guess to make her look ok and she does compared to Lorraine but some folks told me they think she is corrupt and in the pocket of the rich and powerful....what do you think?

One odd thing about Lorraine -- if there is a court officer of the judge in court she behaves properly but alone she acted like a nasty drunk except one time only.

Judge Lynn Kotler said I am morass.....maybe she is as well?

My name is Suzannah.  Judge Kotler and her staff can't spell my name or are they so prejudice.

Her hateful clerk was so sadistic when I last saw her alone -- how frightening is that -- she asked me "why are you here?" as if I had no reason to be here but clearly there is something wrong even with the court's ability to spell my name correctly....?


Is it possible Judge Lynn Kotler did not want to wade through a pro se lawsuit because there was too much proof of crimes, fail to supervisor and corp counsel was lying right to her face in court?

Photos of Delita Hooks Prove She, NYPD Det John Vergona LIED

Detective John Vergona lied in police reports verbally violently threatened me over the phone because the corrupt evil coward would not meet me and I was not able to get his badge number either because corrupt NYPD hide their identities like klu klux clan members.  Det John Vergona was going to false arrest me with a hole in my retina and cervical damage from Delita Hooks grabbing my hair after a running punch to my left eye repeatedly yanking my arthritic neck trying to pull me down the hall by my hair trying to pull me to her as she tried kicking me and when she failed repeatedly to kick me the groin she pressed her barefoot against me.

I finally found a Det John Vergona who said on his facebook page he lives in Manhattan but I checked it a FB friend who confirmed he lives on Staten Island and his other FACEBOOK Friends are Det Andy Dwyer Delita Hooks evil corrupt Detective who participated in lying in police reports and the threats and coercion directed at me including Delita Hooks signed letter to the NYPD threatening me and how I found Det John Vergona to serve him in NY State Supreme court since 1 Police Plaza refused service for retired Det John Vergona is the fact he is married to Susan Balzan Vergona so I was able to track him down and have a process server serve him at his home in Staten Island but the biggest shock was seeing his and Andy Dwyer's faces and see they are facebook friends with NYPD PO Eugene Schatz and his partner Tommy Moran.  Schatz was the first cop I reports to internal affairs and just a few blocks from where I was attacked.  I left a message for Det Tommy Moran that Schatz is bad and the next morning I got an email with a fake account telling me I am a bad artist and gay bashing me.

4 Judges Have Not Looked at the YouTube of Delita Hooks Savage Assault and Det John Vergona and Delita Hooks Lies

These photo grabs are going in my motion to not dismiss so a 5 judge can whoops can't pretend the NYPD did not commit a series of crimes along with Delita Hooks and ANYONE THAT LIED to the NYPD during the course of an open investigation -- anyone behind the scenes involved in retaliation.

The City is asking my case be thrown out on a technicality but I am prepping a motion that will finally not make it easy for judges to not look at the evidence.

Four Judges never looked at the video and listened to the audios proving the NYPD violated my rights and also broke the law including coercion and lying in police reports.  Besides coercion Det John Vergona was verbally violent and yelled at me YOU ARE GOING TO DROP THOSE CHARGES (not it was plural charges) OR I AM GOING TO ARREST YOU!.

The defense lawyer in Federal Court handed in some police reports not understanding they incriminated her clients proving my case underscoring the NYPD lied and Internal Affairs as guilty protecting the corrupt NYPD and Delita Hooks who both lied during an open investigation so both Delita Hooks and the NYPD and Internal Affairs lying including in written documents like Delita Hooks SIGNED letter openly threatening me to her corrupt NYPD fixer are serious crimes.

A list of Det John Vergona's lies are here but clearly you can hear Delita Hooks threatened me with bodily harm to slap the crap out of me as she violently gestures and I back away as she repeated hits me -- you can see the KEYS coming at me as she strikes me and than she switches hands and strikes me with the iPhone and than she throws her shoes and later after I told her not to touch my body she presses her barefoot against my groin touching my vagina -- if a man did that that would be sexual assault -- the most shocking disturbing parts of her attack including threatening me with bodily harm all omitted from the DD5 including the fact I sent the video along with the photographs and my MD's notes. 

I filed out this form and mailed it to one police plaza asking for her false cross complaint.  The NYPD employee wrote what down Delita Hooks lies at the very bottom -- Delita Hooks lied during an open police investigation along with others including the NYPD but she does acknowledge she understood I was a patient.


NYPD Chief Boyce Evil Corrupt My Case and how many others?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
I really belief NYOD chief Boyce is a corrupt evil man along w/ Pulaski covered up crimes my case & how many others? suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/08/ray-ke…

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Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@PreetBharara Bratton Ray Kelly NYPD Chief Boyce Pulaski protected lying in police reports threatening me suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/08/ray-ke…

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@CommissBratton @megynkelly @FoxNews Bratton party to coercion lying in police reports threatening me

@CommissBratton @megynkelly @FoxNews Bratton party to coercion lying in police reports threatening me. http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/08/ray-kelly-bratton-karma-will-get-them.html?m=1 bad karma

 What happened to see something say something?

Monday, August 29, 2016

Judge Lynn Kotler Dismisses Case Corrupt Accessory to NYPD Coercion?

Note:   Pileup of crimes started under mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly 1800 NYPD fix it  every way possible Bloomberg tried to shut down his critics team Bloomberg.
Judge Lynn Kotler Dismisses Case Corrupt Accessory to NYPD Coercion?

Yes in Opinion no honor Lynn Kotler   she is a corrupt cop whoops it's 3:30 AM and you know what Oct 20 corrupt violent liar anti-Semitic misogynist Det John Vergona will be 4 years  that he is gotten away with openly coercing me and lyimg in police reports threatening me protected by every government agency possible except the public advocate and now 5 corrupt judges.  Let me clarify in my opinion and this is an opinion blog so I don't have to say that but the judges are corrupt.

If Lynn Kotler doesn't think she didn't do anything wrong  she won't mind me saying I hope it happens to her... FYI Lynn Kotler didn't say I was wrong. She said I didn't present my case and didn't serve most of the cops correctly.

(Note:   My mom is dying yet she won't give up so I have to go first thing this morning at two hour commute to get to her to take her to a heart doctor to see if her heart is strong enough to undergo surgery to remove: cancer by her liver.   I am tired and angry  I have to take a moment to say I'm really hoping karma gets everyone I'd like it to be ASAP but I know it can take as long is a 90-year-old Nazis being arrested so however long it takes that is my comfort what goes around comes around.)

 The supervisors would not meet with me from the detectives and corrupt coward DI Ed Winski.   Sergeant Chen  over the phone you were the one assaulted at the doctors.

 A cop told someone I know that they considered me a ball buster.   OK I get it the NYPD have no integrity to misogynist sexist correct and they're willing to break laws in there confident they'll be protected by corrupt internal affairs like the first precinct is dirty 30 their covered.  I interviewed the youngest of the dirty 30 he went to jail and he told me Internal Affairs protected him  keeping a tape recorder off and reading the questions he would be asked.    I'm guessing when FBI came in finally internal fares can no longer protect him.

 I will testify in front of a new commission to police corruption.

 Must really delight corrupt cops  that women judges are letting these misogynist corrupt cops off but those who laugh I'll have the last laugh because I believe Karma will get them all What goes around comes around.    My goal  to continue to pursue justice as well as to testify in front of the new commission any U.S. Senate anyplace anywhere about what NYPD coercion threatening me lying in police reports  protecting the doctors office who lied to the police during an open investigation a serious crime as well second-degree assault menacing a false cross-complaint Delita Hooks of Dr Andrew Faglman's who  did not fire his violent lying receptionist and didn't have to because the NYPD did them a favor didn't they.

 People from all over the world to have looked at that video in the medical community and they're on my side and they know that the police threatening coerced me.
"Nothing stays hidden forever"  David Lynch.  Comforts me re violence lies Dr Andrew Fagelman's Delita Hooks violence lies #NYPD IA lies

Ray Kelly's Appellate Lawyer in front of 3 Judges Aug 21, 2015 admits understandable I feel aggrieved put my constitutional rights were in violated when in fact they were!
Please help go viral to shame MD, my , NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you.

Call 1-800 NYPD IA DA Fixit hotline

 When I think of everybody involved in the corruption in my case everyone and then deposit the paycheck after they commit a crime or than accessory to crimes violence and lies it's pretty shocking. America is no longer great country  but completely corrupt and going down the toilet.  Look at that youtube...

 Just like corrupt cops  police commissioners corruption they do terrible wrong and desposit their pay checks --  they put it in their pocket.

Judge Kotler was so insincere -  she said a Latin word to me I no idea what she was saying do you know what she was saying state my name.    I'm pro se  and she didn't have the decency to be real.  Who is part of her sadistic phoniness.  In appealate court  the judges were nice and also pretended to listen to me but they didn't throw around words that I couldn't understand.

.   I don't believe the judge Lynn even read my lawsuit she couldn't be bothered because coercion was right there and there is nothing morass about Coercion.

 Judges and NYPD Internal Affairs  and agencies they are supposed to police are so corrupt it's called the injustice system and the city may be on the verge of riots because people cannot get justice.

 NYPD coerced me coward corrupt violent liar Det John Vergona coercing me lying in police reports Verbally violently threatening me over the phone he and everyone in the detective squad hidtheir identities from me like Ku Klux Klan members I still don't have badge numbers I still don't know what their partners look like.

 When 1 Police Plaza refused service for retired corrupt liar Det John Vergona  I finally found him on Facebook -- and  I saw detective Andy Dwyer  is his Facebook friend along NYPD corrupt evil PO Eugene Schatz  first cop I ever reported to Internal Affairs two years before I was coerced -- I reported Schatz for also being threatening using his squad car illegally the sirens  being verbally aggressive shouting at me and lying to me as he did so telling me the Mercer Hotel they can park in there loading and unloading zone.    The retaliation was years in the making and the only way for now I can have Justice as knowing they will all get their karma.

I am guessing that the partners at the corrupt detectives are also facebook friends.   I don't have the badge numbers I don't know with the cops look like including top brass inside internal affairs just know Karma will get them.

There is a higher court.

 Ray Kelly and Charles campsi service but the rest of the cops so corrupt and cowardly including deafening inspector and Winski to corrupt and guilty to except service hid behind his employee who did except service.   I spent close to $2000 with a professional company that serves people process server so it's hard for me to believe that I didn't serve them and I didn't serve them properly but I had the top two cops except service I asked for an extension in time if there's any confusion on who was served properly and who was in our and the judge would not allow me.

She said I didn't make my claims and the same for my oral argument except that she's a liar because I sat there in front of her or rather she had people stand the lawyer asked her  could she said and the sadistic judge said no you have to stand like she got off on it.

 I made it clear I was coerced that was an important very understandable reason we were there.   Morass or a corrupt judge?   Do you know what my answer is.

If only one day Lynn Kotler may behind herself in my position...

Judge Allison Nathan  let a corrupt retired NYPD officer last name Dwyer like one of the corrupt detectives in my case off the hook no jail time.  I hope that she and her wife their privacy is violated the way this corrupt retired cop Dwyer  violated her privacy rights of people by bribing an NYPD Sgt.

 Great news I found with corrupt people is they think it could never happen to them.

 Corrupt evil sadistic monsters like 90-year-old Nazis thought they could get away with hiding right here in the US and they were caught so it just takes a lot of patience for karma to land.

 I hope what I tell you next about Lynn Kotler's her crazy court clerk Corp counsel call Lorraine goes in TV shows and films because it really underscores corruption inside courts and how crazy and backward and dishonest NY courts can be.

Note Judge Lynn Kotler  has the most psycho clerk that corporate counsel calls Lorraine.   In my opinion I think she's mentally ill  with zero integrity and I'll tell you why.   My first time meeting her there was no court officer meeting a court police person in the room the room was completely empty no judge to lawyers had just walked in and sat in the very back row  the two seats closest to the door  as if she was a violent pit bull with  rabies.

 I walked in and everyplace I stood Lorraine  screams at me was the wrong place to be standing what was the subtext if I was going to be subtitles you don't belong here  ---  lawyers looked at me with sympathy then I went and I stood by them and I took out my phone to write something down in my notes and she screamed and yelled at me again to put the cell phone away.

 Whenever the judge or a court officer is in the court she keeps the volume down she doesn't scream and yell.   I'm another occasion before the court officer came in and there was no judge she screamed and yelled at lawyers that wanted to sit in the jury box because there was almost no room in the skinny 2 rows  in the small court room as if  The courthouse knows she's a lightweight I couldn't even get my handicapped mother in that room it's ridiculous.  Judge Lynn Kotler's  Clerk Lorraine  yelled at them that they couldn't sit there.

 On another occasion lawyers talked about sitting there because there was no room and I warned them don't do it or she'll scream and yell at you!

 The lawyers took my advice.

 I filed an emergency motion one of the motions was to ask that Judge Lynn Kotler give my case to the US Attorney.

 I walked in and I really didn't want to be there because there was no court clerk it without that the judge's clerk can just act crazy - but on this occasion  she behaved herself.   She said when do you want a date I said I'd like it right now or soon as possible    Lorraine  said come back tomorrow morning.    I said I can't my mother is really ill I have to go visit her I can't get back to the court until about 330 the next day.

 I came the next day after spending time with my mother who is dying and she is even cried about the fact she know she's dying and she doesn't understand why she's dying the way she's dying - Lorraine  acting like a mentally ill psycho looked up and said Why are you here?

  I told my friends what a cruel person she knew why I was there and she was just telling me I shouldn't be there.

 I believe G-d sees all  which is in an email that I sent the anti-Semitic corrupt misogynist Det John Vergona --  I mentioned  Holocaust - in the email about him false arresting me on the Sabbath  and an appellate court he had Jonathan Popolow lie about  many things including the fact he knew I was Jewish.

Believe Karma will get each person and there are people whose names I don't have and I believe Joe Tacopina and I wonder if it was his friend George Vomit  is the other lawyer who used to sock puppet account that was party to witness tampering and threatening me during an open investigation?   This repeatedly threatened even buy my attacker in a signed letter to her NYPD fixers I believe Karma will get every person involved in the violence and lies including judges that you fixing favors for corrupt cops.   In my opinion Judge Kotler and Judge Allison Nathan  cowardly judges owned by the corrupt NYPD.    One judge an entire country had the courage to say she wasn't going to go along with this and she took her case and she forwarded it  to take action against police.

 Judge Lynn Kotler  and my motions including to give my case the US attorney in so many words she said she's not obligated to See something Say something.  

Saturday, August 27, 2016

New Petition The Future an NYPD App Tracker Series of Data Bases Expose Corruption and more

The Future: NYPD App Tracker report crimes the NYPD won't allow you to report including their own: NY... https://www.change.org/p/the-future-nypd-app-tracker-report-crimes-the-nypd-won-t-allow-you-to-report-including-their-own-nypd-app-tracker-series-of-data-bases-new-commission-in-to-nypd-ia-da-corruption?recruiter=1801698&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive via @Change

The NYPD won't allow us to report crime, turn us away, coerce, threaten, lie in police reports with Internal Affairs protection.  The rare occasions the FBI does something the powers that be lie and state NYPD crimes are not systemic when they are.

The NYPD app tracker will take government data bases and allow citizens and a global audience to upload crimes and prove the NYPD, Internal Affairs lie about crime stats as well as interfere with reporting crimes or commit a series of crimes and are not part of crime stats.  The NYPD App tracker will allow victims of corrupt NYPD police officers, groups of detectives and their supervisors like in my case --- to share information about the NYPD like their badge numbers if like in my case they hide their identities and their supervisors refused to meet me and give up their badge numbers -- we can share information and People of all backgrounds, colors, religions who have been victims, or survivors families can unite via a statistical data base exposing NYPD, Internal Affairs, DA, ADA corruption, Corp Counsel lying in court is in my case I have police reports, secretly recorded audio, paper work proving Corp Counsel lied repeatedly and they are tax payer funded and represent the City - the City of NY should turn over all data bases like the NYC Comptroller's data base on lawsuits for us to search via an app on our phones, computers and for poor people with no computer access spell help via community centers and activists volunteers ---to search lawsuits re NYPD, Internal Affairs, Dept of Building, Dept of Transportation -- so let's say some is run over hit at an intersection over and over --- 

in my case the app tracker would expose every government agency that filed me or was complicit protecting NYPD crimes.

Corp Counsel on their website and in the app being they are a gov agency and tax payer funded must have full disclosure about why they are defending cases and how much they cost.   In my case Corp counsel continues to lie and state I was not coerced when I was coerced.  Please google Dr Fagelman assault and watch me be assaulted multiple times, threatened with bodily harm and all this was omitted from the police reports as well as multiple threats several I allege from Joe Tacopina and pal via sock puppet accounts calling me a confrontative cunt threatening to BURY me and DESTROY me and see the tables turned.  Det John VERGONA never discussed this with me and acted on it.  Det Vergona repeatedly refused to meet with me and l lied in police reports and verbally VIOLENTLY threatened over the phone.  He yelled at me YOU ARE GOING TO DROP THOSE CHARGES OR I AM GOING TO ARREST YOU!!!!   

The DA admitted Delita HOOKS threatened me with bodily harm, repeatedly assaulted me filed a false cross complaint.  I alerted them about the NYPD and Internal Affairs role and my allegations of Joe Tacopina's misogynist threats.

The threatening "joe Tacopina" styled threats were forwarded to Det Vergona.

Corp Counsel lied and lied and they lies changed from court to court.

The NYPD app tracker will organize all allegations -- V for verified with evidence like video, audios, police reports where the NYPD lied, audios of Internal Affairs lying, audios of DA and or ADAs lying etc.

All gov data on crimes stats are available but a citizen data base with expose NYPD Internal Affairs (aka IA or IAB) even DA corruption and how the PUBLIC has a much different experience and or view or how government agencies are lying or flat out committing crimes.

The NYPD are getting away with murder literally -- we can take the data base and present it to President, US Senate on down and prove every agency that is suppose the police mostly does not and Federal laws and NY State laws must be changed as well.   Corrupt Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, Bratton and Chief Reznick, Chief Pulaski and Chief Boyce along with Lt Burgos, Lt Michael J. Agnese, Lt Mary O'Donnell and Lt Fikru, Sgt Chen an utter coward along with DI Ed Winski, and others including top brass Internal Affairs and Cy Vance wanted to teach me a lesson but the lesson I learned is we need an NYPD app tracker and every gov agency are too corrupt, too cowardly or a failure allowing the NYPD to get away with murder figuratively speaking and literally.  Bratton, Reznick, Banks and Boyce taught me to turn Broken Windows back on the NYPD.

New Petition The Future an NYPD App Tracker Series of Data Bases Expose Corruption and more

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Corrupt Ray Kelly angry at NYPD IG but ask Kelly why Cushman Wakefield Dumped Him

Corrupt Ray Kelly angry at NYPD IG but ask Kelly why Cushman Wakefield Dumped Him


 FYI the NYPD are notorious for illegal surveillance for breaking the law racism corruption and Ray Kelly was protecting it all along -- ask him who tipped off Cushman Wakefield about  Federal investigation into the Hasidic community....  Is that why Cushman Wakefield dump Ray Kelly he became too hot to handle?

 I can't believe Andrew Cuomo hasn't dumped them ask Ray Kellt ask them and ABC (another  Organization that greases Ray Kelly's palm)  about Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit -- it's a must read you  must read in Eric's own handwriting what he has to say...

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Arizona Judge Shames NYS NYC protecting NYPD Internal Affairs Corruption all these years protected NY, NYC


 I continue to call for special prosecutor in my case and I'll be filing a complaint with the US attorney very soon.   I'm also going to be filing ethical complaints against lawyer starting with corporate counsel.

.@PreetBharara @FBI @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDDetectives Fed judge Arizona STRIPPED powers of the Sheriff from being ableto have oversight of IA

.@PreetBharara @FBI @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDDetectives Arizona like NYPD history of obfuscation my case top cops involved

.@PreetBharara @FBI @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDDetectives NYPD IA even DAs, Corp Counsel Zachary Carter history of obfuscation my case included
.@ACLU @NYCLU @andresegura @ACLUaz .@PreetBharara @FBI NYPD IA even DAs, Corp Counsel Zachary Carter history of obfuscation my case included

NYC NY State may be the most corrupt in the Nation or in the top 3 but an Arizona Judge put NYS and NYC to shame as every agency in NYC and how many Judges have protected NYPD IA (Internal Affairs) corruption crimes as well as obfuscation?

How does Judge Allison Nathan hold on to my case for  one year and refuse to meet?  I can only guess that she's too corrupt or was too ashamed or corrupt to face me?  

In Federal Court, Corporate counsel handed in police reports that prove that detective John Vergina lied  in Corp Counsel motion to dismiss my case  which I am now using in my New York State Supreme Court case.  Allison Nathan  has never met me she didn't have the courage to meet me?

 The police reports Corp Counsel  turned in proof that detective John Vergona  omitted Dr Andrew Fagelman's attack receptionist Delita Hooks verbally violent threat and gesturing  she said I will slap the crap out of your ass. Det John Vergona omitted that and the fact that she repeated the assaulted me  and pursued me down the hall a running punched my eye.  He lied and lied  even refusing to meet me and lying about that and his supervisors protected them it was a gangbang of retaliation and they were protected by the highest NYPD brass because I am a whistle blower gladfly what the first precinc misogynist cops call a ball buster.

I can't find the high road here I want judge Nathan and the appellate judge isn't any judge that the protects police corruption  to be treated the way I was like a Jew in the early stages in Nazi Germany. I'm alive which is more than I can say for other victims of NYPD crimes corruption lying in police reports and threats.    Corporate counsel continues to lie for the NYPD and says I was not coerced when in fact I was and  The NYPD were capable of it even more crimes if I turn myself in for false arrest.    Ironically corporate counsel paid out what $40 million to the central park five who admitted guilt when I never did I just said I would drop the charges against my attacker if my attacker drop the charges but she signed a letter I believe Joe Tacopina Road directly threatening me warning me not to come back again a serious crime so they rushed to seal her crimes with their crimes and Internal Affairs joined in committing crimes  protecting everybody in a pile up of crimes from a rich doctors office to 1 Police Plaza by way of the 1st Precinct.

 The video evidence proving it was a one-way assaults and vicious attack that started with a threat to do bodily harm has over 300,000 views  proving me NYPD lied in police reports as well as my attacker and her pals lied during an open investigation.

PreetBharara @CommissBratton @FBI @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDDetectives many agencies referred my case to IA. IA guilty http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/08/arizona-judge-not-corrupt-police.html?m=1
My case  could  to be one of the biggest NYPD  scandal cases  in history because it ties to me blowing the whistle on 911 tech corruption and NYPD taking gifts but I'm the only one to report that they possibly took GIFTS op NYPD brass FirstNet and  I'm  the only one to report the Bratton and chief Chuck Dowd held a board meeting for corrupt FirstNet  and 1 Police Plaza right before FirstNet came under investigation.

NYC the Justice System is called the Injustice system  and at some point soon we may have riots at the rate we're going.  Even the Attorney general stokes  the fire delaying a ruling on Eric Garner  perhaps because every time she's going to break the news she's gonna let the NYPD off another cop kills a Black man - is that the delay?  Eric Garner's handwritten pro se lawsuit still not front page news.

.@andresegura @ACLU @ACLUaz suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/08/arizon… Judge Allison Nathan held on to my case 1 yr refused to meet me

.@andresegura @ACLU @ACLUaz Judge Lynn Kotler says referring my case to US Attorney not her job she has no obligation to do so.

.@ACLU @NYCLU @andresegura @ACLUaz https://www.scribd.com/document/321714617/Arpaio-Contempt-Order vs NY NYPD crimes protected by Zachary Carter and gang dirty DAs & judges?

 I don't have a law degree  but I'm just stunned the corporate counsel calls judge Lynn Kotler's clerk Lorraine.  In my opinion  she's extremely nasty person  and I perceive her to be biased but I would never call her by her first name she's so nasty and they walk in and call her by her first name corp counsel sits in a row in front of us like the royalty.

Corporate counsel  was late months late responding to my case so I wrote to the judge if you can't do right by me moving my case forward because of something some technicality I made a mistake is a pro se could you at least rule a default but I fear the fix is in.

The NYPD we're going to break as many laws as they wanted to retaliate against me a gadfly a critic a whistle blower  and internal affairs joined in a gangbang of retaliation breaking laws as well protecting threatening me coercing me lying in police reports my attacker a signed letter I believe Joe Tacopina wrote she signed openly threatening me and
even recognizing I could come back and file second-degree for assault charges but  NYPD refused to allow me to report second-degree assault and a false cross-complaint let alone anything because they hate me there misogynist corrupt police that of course hate anybody who blows the whistle on corruption for good reason  because the corruption is systemic.

Look to why Zachary Carter  has not been forced to resign why there's no criminal prosecution of 911 tech crooks in the NYPD top brass it took graft,  why side vans hasn't been asked to resign over 911 tech corruption and his special friendships that crossed how many lines including I allege Mark Guma  as well as his racist false prosecution of an NBA star just want example...


 I can't find a highroad I just think the best thing is for Judge else and Nathan and her family to be treated like Jews in the early stages in Nazi Germany like me and other victims of the NYPD I think it's the only way she will get a reality wake up but I thank G-D  Arizona is not completely corrupt like New York City and maybe after there are riots and other heartbreaks here New York City the FBI and legal system will stop protecting police corruption which goes far beyond the 4 arrests Preet Bharara made.  Fixing  favors in retaliation is systemic and has been since the beginning of the police department as has been fixing in favors and crimes by NYPD and internal Drugs well protecting crimes like my care.

 The NYPD fixing favors and retaliation started in 2010 behalf of the Mercer hotel the key corrupt NYPD  key figure is NYPD PO Eugene Schatz  illegally used to squad car in an aggressive way illegally using the sirens threatening me on behalf of the Mercer hotel and  and two years and two weeks later after I was savagely assaulted at doctor Andrew Fagelman's  on the street I was threatened  even more verbally violent then schatz by his Facebook friend Det John Vergona and Schatz's FB friends including Det Andy Dwyer and Tommy Moran are party  to the go to coerce  me threaten me line police reports and they laughed all the way misogynists really horrific dark ugly side of the NYPD.

Chief Reznick and Chief Boyce covered up like Pulaski and Reznick Ray Kelly and Bratton.

 I keep calling for a special prosecutor a new commission and NYPD app tracker a series of databases starting with one on crime to map and report crimes to show the NYPD lie about crimes and prevent victims like me from reporting crimes including NYPD IA DA crimes.

Photos of Delita Hooks Prove She, NYPD Det John Vergona Married to Susan Balzan LIED in Police Reports COERCED ME Internal Affairs Ray Kelly Protected NYPD CRIMES

#NYPD Inspector General Says Call Internal Affairs Check my Case

It was not a few bad apples -- this was a large scale gang bang of retaliation by the NYPD and Internal Affairs and it started under mayor Mike Bloomberg...
do the math....

 I notified the Manhattan DA but they didn't want to touch the NYPD as well as the allegations that Joe Tacopina was involved and threatening me during an open investigation it was a misogynist hate crime threat to turn the tables on me and the NYPD file out his directive

When Joan Illuzzi  saw my attackers violent attack on me she was hard fight she couldn't hide it which blew my mind that someone who's ahead of Hate Crimes could be horrified by that attack and she said it was second-degree assault menacing and a false cross-complaint.

 She said she would not hold my politics against me.

I already posted an audio of her lying to me saying thet did a thorough investigation and when in fact they did not they did not even bother to do   A thorough investigation I have emails paperwork and audio they lie to me as well

Corrupt Det John Vergona Omitted Delita Hooks Threat to Slap the Crap out of my Ass Throwing her shoes from his DD5 w/ Internal Affairs Blessings
Det John Vergona a violent liar omitted everything in the video evidence and in his DD5 he omitted I went to a doctor and was faxing him medical reports. 

I consider Vergona violent because he was verbally violent with me threatening me with false arrest unless I dropped charges and telling me he didn't care if I had 2 black eyes.  

Internal Affairs very corrupt fixed it let him retire to one of his properties on Staten Iskand. 

Omits the women standing at the door the one in blue who is key you see her first you'll learn more about what her behavior her wrongdoing later he made it everything he good excluding them yelling not to hit me and then them all lying how they held the door other than pull her back in and stop her from her attack. 

"Nothing stays hidden forever"  David Lynch.  Comforts me re violence lies Dr Andrew Fagelman's Delita Hooks violence lies #NYPD IA lies

Ray Kelly's Appellate Lawyer in front of 3 Judges Aug 21, 2015 admits understandable I feel aggrieved put my constitutional rights were in violated when in fact they were! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em
Please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 

Vid 6 second highlights Vine
Watch Delita Hooks remove her keys which had already hit me because they would hinder her goal to do a running punched in my left eye make me a hole in my retina 
https://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/173385168#fullscreen Delita Hooks false cross complaint I paid 15 dollars to get she walked in to 01 Precinct 2 days after me and committed yet another crime.  

 I am one of how many New Yorkers that needs a special prosecutor and it looks like the New York judges are in bed with corporate counsel who continues to lie and explain to me why Zachary Carter has not been forced to resign

 Zachary Carter should've and forced to resign for using white out to cover up his knowledge of city government wrong doing  he and his staff have been doing the same with NYPD breaking the law crimes including my case telling to judge I was not cool worst when in fact I was they lied to federal judge apellate and New York State judge.

 The NYPD up and laughing all the way because Ron Kuby wrote a letter that isn't quite what I agreed to but it's cleared a letter stating I'm coerced by saying I'll drop the charges against my tack or if my tack or drops the charges but I'm alleging Joe Tacopina wrote her letter which she signed I signed nothing she openly threatens me and warned me not to come back and file second-degree assault charges or she'll file a second false cross-complaint the NYPD rush to steal her crimes with their crimes and they've been protected some calling for special prosecutor 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

.@PreetBharara @CommissBratton @FBI @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDDetectives Bratton Ray Kelly party to fixing favors retaliation because I'm gadfly

.@PreetBharara @CommissBratton @FBI @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDDetectives Bratton Ray Kelly party to fixing favors retaliation because I'm gadfly

Judge Bans Driver Who Killed Cyclist From Roads After NYPD Let Her Go Free - Brooklyn Heights

Judge Bans Driver Who Killed Cyclist From Roads After NYPD Let Her Go Free - Brooklyn Heights - DNAinfo New York

My case NYPD broke the law repeatedly lied in police reports refused to meet me and Internal Affairs protected a pile up of crimes from Dr Andrew Fagelman's to 1 police plaza.
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Edwin Raymond a Black Police Officer’s Fight Against the N.Y.P.D.

A Black Police Officer’s
Fight Against the N.Y.P.D.

Edwin Raymond thought he could change the
department from the inside. He wound up the lead
plaintiff in a lawsuit brought by 12 minority officers.

Edwin Raymond a Black Police Officer’s Fight Against the N.Y.P.D.


#NYPD Edwin Raymond lead plaintiff 12 minorities ask Bratton. DeClan Kelly and Hillary Clinton about this lawsuit -- ask Declan Kelly about giving Bill Bratton a million dollar soft landing after Bratton was forced to resign...

Is Declan Kelly a racist?  Many People think Bratton is.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NYPD Bill Bratton's lies abuse of power The Jose LaSalle Story covered NY1

NYPD Bill Bratton's lies abuse of power   The Jose LaSalle Story covered NY1


This gives you insight to have the police commissioner including Ray Kelly now Bratton lie protect  NYPD crimes retaliation and I'll even get Zachary Carter and Corp Counsel to lir for them like my case.

Bratton and Ray Kelly lie and corruption and wrong doing start at the top.

 The general feeling is the NYPD her on any kind of retaliation  and corrupt dirty DAs ADAs and every government agency that should be police and then lets get away with murder.

I have more audios my case I have yet to post prove what liars they are.

Chief O'Neill Please Explain Arrest of Jose LaSalle CopWatch

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NYPD Knapp Mollen Time for a New Commission John Vergona FBFriends Gene Schatz, Moran, Andy Dwyer: NYPD PSA7 Bronx Housing Authority POLICE kidnap Jose LaSalle of COP Watch goal to Steal his Cel Phones?

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wikipedia Page on Suzannah B. Troy deleted but first Misogynist Vandal Attacked page was it NYPD 1 Police Plaza, Joe Tacopina, Team Bloomberg or others connected to those I criticized on my blog -- they successfully censored a page on censorship that talked about mayor bloomberg, NYPD Rape Cops and Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Misogynist hate in court directed at NYPD rape cops Victim

Wikipedia Page on Suzannah B. Troy Censorship Google YouTube Channel Restored 48 hours later political censorship -- today Wikipedia returns  Wikipedia PDF 6 years as Cyber Wikipedia cyber vandalism misogynist attack, than censorship

After the page was attacked by a misogynist cyber vandal -- all the bits on Joe Tacopina, Chad Seigel and the NYPD rape cops were removed so Joe Tacopina -- the man I believe is guilty of witness tampering me and using a sock puppet account may have been behind the cyber attack and deletion as you know I am guessing he broke a series of laws after I was attacked at Dr Andrew Fagelman -- I allege joe tacopina called me confrontative cunt -- threatened to BURY me DESTROY me and see the tables turned on me which is what NYPD Det John Vergona did -- it was a pile up of crimes from Dr Andrew Fagelman's to the First Precinct to Internal Affairs and 1 police plaza.


It should be noted Wikipedia has put in not rules and ways to fight cyber vandalism that are not in play 6 years ago when I was the victim of a cyber vandal misogynist attack.

My guess is someone associated with Mike Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg, Joe Tacopina,  NYPD, NYPD at their desk 1 police plaza are involved directly or indirectly in having the page deleted.  We have evidence straight from cuckoo Michael Rawson of Mercer Hotel infamy he admits trying to have my youtubes about him removed just an example, and there is crazy violent Barbara Ricci  who NYTimes author calls a fabricator of negative stories see below.  Ricci pretends she is a news outlet Westchester News -- I don't think she did the cyber vandalism or was party to the  deletion but she clearly was obsessed with me and she messed with the page although who knows if she has more than one account which is against Wiki rules and several attacks prior deletion were fake accounts and two were deleted if I recall correctily.

Barbara Ricci is the westchester news — she adds some inane posts and she also may have more than 1 wiki account — she is a mentally sick person and not a news outlet

below is the NYTimes article CRIME SECTION on Babara Ricci a cyber stalker but I don't believe she was involved in the deletion and misoygnst cyber attack.  Read what the NYTimes reporter  Raymond Hernandez who is now in the Washington bureau has to say about her.

Raymond Hernandez December 23rd, 2010 at 12:30 pm
Here’s a story detailing some of Barbara Ricci’s alleged criminal history…..she did plead guilty to harassment re: the uniformed police officer she hit.

Barbara Ricci was written up in the CRIME SECTION OF THE NY TIMES FOR BEING ARRESTED FOR  TRYING TO RUN OVER HER NEIGHBORS DAUGHTER AND FOR HITTING A POLICE OFFICER AT A PTA MEETING.  Barbara Ricci is a liar but Mr Hernandez uses the term "fabricate" negative stories.  No one sues her because she is crazy, violent and she has no money.

Raymod Hernandez December 23rd, 2010 at 8:16 pm
Mrs Ricci, let me remind you that you cannot fabricate negative stories about people and post in a public forum. While I am aware that you are a pauper, you are still held to the laws of liability. Raymond Hernandez

The Mount Vernon Police office was named Michael Pelliccio, he was punched and kicked by Barbara Ricci during a school board meeting in 1993 and he had to go to the hospital.
Barbara Ricci pled guilty to harassment in that case. Sadly rather than thank her lucky stars that she did not get a criminal conviction she seems angry at the world in that case.
She did go to trial in the case of endangering a child in 1995 according to David Alper of the Mount Vernon Assistant District Attorney’s office at the time. I guess the child was 11 and the name of the mother of the child was Anna Merck.
It’s true that Ricci was not found guilty but that was after two trials, and in the second she refused to take the stand and testify. I guess it’s hard to convict on an incident where it’s not filmed. Again, rather than thank GOD she didn’t go to jail Ricci seems hell bent on attacking Pirro for some strange reason. Pirro had zilch to do with the case I’m sure.


Raymod Hernandez December 23rd, 2010 at 8:16 pm
Mrs Ricci, let me remind you that you cannot fabricate negative stories about people and post in a public forum. While I am aware that you are a pauper, you are still held to the laws of liability. Raymond Hernandez

She is of course described as a bigot. Anyone surprised?

an old neighbor of Mrs. Fruitcake December 24th, 2010 at 4:31 pm
Barbara Ricci has been bizarre for many years. Her husband has been faking a disability so he does not have to work and they live in gov’t subsidized housing. Again, facts that are public record. Perhaps the IRS & DSS should look into their “profitable website?”

Wikipedia  Page Suzannah B. Troy 6 yrs after Misogynist Cyber Vandalism, Censorship via Deletion on a page about Censorship, Wikipedia Agrees to return PDF before Cyber Vandalism and Deletion

Wikipedia Page on Suzannah B. Troy deleted but first Misogynist Vandal Attacked page was it NYPD 1 Police Plaza, Joe Tacopina, Team Bloomberg or others connected to those I criticized on my blog -- they successfully censored a page on censorship that talked about mayor bloomberg, NYPD Rape Cops and Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Misogynist hate in court directed at NYPD rape cops Victim

Friday, August 12, 2016

NYPD Not Screened Trained Supervised properly newest Casaulty West African Immigrant murdered with stolen NYPD gone


 We need new psychological evaluation's, lie detector test better training and root out corruption my case NYPD  fixing favors retaliation all the way up the chain and how many other caseS?

Suzannah Troy 3rd Time Testifying CCRB Special Prosecutor NYPD, My Attacker My Case Crimes Wrong Doing

 Give my case to a special prosecutor does the city charter prevent you from doing that?

Does the city charter prevent you CCRB ( The civilian complaint review board) from calling in every NYPD officer and questioning them under us because that will be the only time in investigator nyc gov questions the NYPD under oath internal affairs doesn't do it Internal Affairs protects them!

 The NYPD know they're going to be questioned under oath they're going to think twice before they break the law or violate protocol and the US Constitution the oath they took.

Put the NYPD Advocate  name on the website,  along with all photos and bios of all the CCRB board members.

 We have to get City Council to change the charter.

 Put the charter on the CCRB website and for people that are not educated in law can you simply explain parts of it and why you cannot take our cases and keep forwarding them to the chief of department.

 Please put the statistical report on the front page of CCRB of how many of our cases you forward to the chief of department by the month and the year year after year to die  -  how many cases per month and year does the civilian complaint review board take and pass to the chief of department and then let's track them like my concept of the NYPD app tracker what happens them where they go and the answer is summer forwarded to Internal Affairs all go nowhere

 Put the name of the commanding officer for chief of department in Brookline or wherever it's located that takes our cases and lets them die I'm never gotten one single phone call from the chief of department regarding my allegations  --  internal affairs refused to acknowledge knowledge they were crimes committed and protected everybody involved  despite the fact I have police reports audio and video to prove wrong doing and the DA did not want to go after the NYPD so I need a special prosecutor.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bronx DA No Idea why 2 NYPD White Shirts 4 Cops Arrestsd Jose LaSalle but tell me just a desk appearance underscoring Community Belief Bratton NYPD Racism

Bronx DA Press Office tells me Jose LaSalle arrest a desk appearance.  

Bronx DA No Idea why 2 NYPD White Shirts 4 Cops Arrestsd Jose LaSalle but tell me just a desk appearance underscoring  Community Belief Bratton NYPD Racism Abuse of Power  Watch Youtube 2 arrests watch listen...!!!

See 4 NYPD including 2 White Shirts and NYPD cop with steriod like arms stalked him to re-arrest him stinks of racism and Bratton following Ray Kelly's abusive criminal acts. 

Is Chief Jimmy O'Neill going to carry on racist criminal wrong doing destroying community relations?  Imagine you eating and 4 cops walk in and even the DA press office aka public info does not know why 2 arrests and for what -- just desk appearance. 

NYPD PSA7 Bronx Housing Authority POLICE kidnap Jose LaSalle #COPWatch goal to Steal his Cel Phones?

NYPD PSA7 Bronx Housing Authority POLICE  kidnap Jose LaSalle of COP Watch  goal to Steal his Cel Phones?  Why did they false arrest him?  To Steal his cel phones?  To harass the Cop Watchers....

Millions March NYC (@MillionsMarch)
Jose LaSalle of @CopwatchCPU kidnapped by NYPD before they stole his phones #FTP #ACAB #AbolishPolice twitter.com/CopwatchCPU/st…

Download the Twitter app

LINK :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V37Rn_AKlo8

It happened yesterday, apparently.
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.@NYPDPSA7 BronxDAPressOffice Jose LaSalle deskappear but notsure for what!Bratton #NYPD Racism http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/08/bronx-da-no-idea-why-2-nypd-white.html?m=1 destroying relations

.@NYPDChiefofDept Bronx DA PressOffice Jose LaSalle deskappear but not sure for what!Bratton #NYPD Racism suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/08/bronx-… #community

Declan Kelly giving NYPD Racist Police Commish Bratton a Million Dollars?

Cushman Wakefield NYPD Ray Kelly Tipped off by Whom Federal Probe?

.@PreetBharara @fbi Cushman Wakefield paid Ray Kelly's private security in return did they get call a cop services? Is thaty theydumped him?

Who tipped off Ray Kelly and Cushman Wakefield  that there was a federal probe into the Hussey to community NYPD fixing in favors?

 Who when and why what did they get out of it and who's paying for Kelly's private security detail now? 

Jack Maple birthed idea of NYPD TV but police corruption birthed NYPD App tracker and the need to turn broken windows back on the cops

Jack Maple birthed idea of NYPD TV but police corruption birthed NYPD App tracker and the need  to turn broken windows back on the cops

Bratton is  corrupt and he was forced to retire and there's going to be another big shake up with him it's obvious. 

Please forwarded to Chief O'Neill the  next police commissioner in case he doesn't want to keep the corruption going because he knew recognize Ray Kelly and Bratton more than failed. 

Jack Maple birthed idea of NYPD TV but police corruption birthed NYPD App tracker and the need  to turn broken windows back on the cops.

NYPD media efforts will fail because of YouTube and a future with citizen databases most specifically my concept inspired by Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi  and PO Eugene Schatz and his Facebook friends Det John Vergona ( his partner) Andy Dwyer (his partner) and Det Tommy Moran .  Also Winski, Lt Burgos, Sgt Chen and Chief Pulaski, Boyce, Reznick.  Wait for testimony in front of the new commission into police corruption which is coming.  More more people are calling for a new Commission. 

Folks don't watch tv anymore and they won't watch the NYPD's news reporter.  

If the NYPD hadn't been willing to lie police reports threaten me do a whole big gangbang of retaliation I never would've thought of the NYPD app tracker.  

Between you two been a future database the reports crimes the NYPD won't let you it will also show the public perception of crimes is quite different then the NYPD's plus will have victims to find each other for instance I don't have the badge numbers of the faces of the cops the committee to series of crimes they hate themselves the Ku Klux Klan Members.  The NYPD App tracker will be a way to share badge numbers and expose repeat offenders so if NYPD violate  protocol which they do every day their wrongdoing will be documented and mapped. 

People have allegations of NYPD crimes and 50 years ago it can be reported and added historical data base. 

If you're impressed by my work you can thank all the defendants in my lawsuit plus high-ranking Internal Affairs officers Direct Kelly and Bill Bratton add Bill Bratton and Reznick and Police Officer Adamo and Ortiz he's really the key figure that said all this in motion isn't he?  Ask his Facebook friends that were willing to break the law line police reports and threatened me as well so supervisors at the 1st Precinct attacke ask his Facebook friends that were willing to break the law line police reports and threatened me as well so supervisors at the 1st Precinct det squad.  

Just Bratton and Reznick as well as Chief boyceand Lieutenant Roy where Sergeant Chen. 

Everyone of them involved in the violence and lies and covering up NYPD Internal Affairs crimes my case birthed The concept of the NYPD tracker. 

Did they get the results they wanted by covering up crimes are being party to a series of crimes starting with me being punched in running punched my head which is not in the DD5s police reports as well as fact I was threatened with bodily harm but of course the NYPD threats and Joe Tacopina I'm alleging it's him threatening me calling me a cunt threatening to bury mean destroyed me if I took action which I forwarded to Det John Vergona he was willing to act on those threats -- NYPD app tracker will map it off every step of the way all the evidence all the corruption. 

Federal NY State Motions to Not Dismiss Address Ray Kelly, 911 aka ECTP and possibly Joe Tacopina breaking laws threatening me during an open investigation

Do you think on the misogynist that we're laughing and mocking the violence getting off on it threatening me lying to police reports are still laughing?

Any comment for my blog?
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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

NYPD cop nicknamed 'Huggy Bear' busted door, manhandled woman - NY Daily News

NYPD cop nicknamed 'Huggy Bear' busted door, manhandled woman - NY Daily News

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NYPD SVU cop accused of groping rape victim blames his boss - NY Daily News

NYPD SVU cop accused of groping rape victim blames his boss - NY Daily News

Chief O'Neill Please Explain Arrest of Jose LaSalle CopWatch


The People see it as kidnapping and the goal to go through Mr. LaSalle’s phone number — I would like to publish the NYPD’s explanation.

How is this improving community relations?

Chief O’Neill you will be PC in a month — look at the continuing growing rift — more like an abyss —— you can hear civilians asking WHY IS HE BEING ARRESTED?

Why don’t the NYPD just tell us?   

When citizen’s see an activist being arrested — why can’t we know why the activist is being arrested?

If you want to repair relations it is time to end the Ray Kelly and Bratton era of non-disclosure and community relations that appear fascist not democratic!

Chief O’Neill — you talk about your MOM!  Jose LaSalle’s Mom died knowing the NYPD beat him up target him retaliated against him for speaking up for the community.
My Mom is dying and MY Dad a WW2 Veteran died knowing Ray Kelly’s role NYPD coercing me threatening me and lying in police reports with IA protecting all wrong doing.
We have MOMS too!

Thank you,

Suzannah B. Troy