NYPD committed Crimes in my Case and how many other cases?

They love using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend I was not coerced and the NYPD did not commit a pile up of crimes.
The Detectives in my case Det Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer, their partners, and supervisors and facebook friends NYPD PO Eugene Schatz aka Gene Schatz and Det Tommy Moran were party to the fact Verogna was lying in his DD5s and was going to verbally violently threaten me over the phone because the cowardly criminal detectives and supervisors did not have it in them to commit the crimes they committed and face me but they did use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they dd not commit crimes and Internal Affairs has protected them along w/ top brass all party to retaliation.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi Corrupt Misogynist My Case but Ed Winski Mega Coward

I guess DI Ed Winski's love of hiding behind a mega phone was a clue when he demanded Occupy Wall Street protestors leave public places was a clue -- I just remember for me it was a relief -- I was helping a Korean War Vet Eric Youngquist who was dying of prostate cancer and could barely walk go set up his table in front of the Mercer Hotel -- the one activity he seemed to really live for as he limped dragging his leg like Frankenstein and he was poverty level so Ed Winski been dragged away to police OWS was a relief but what a coward and liar he is -- Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi are evil monsters and I know G-d will punish them for their role in my case but fyi Ed Winski is such a guilty coward even though I served him correctly he is having his corp counsel take payer funded lawyers state I did not serve him properly when Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi, the NYPD and the City accepted service.

If Ed Winski is okay with all these lies than let his family be the victim of savage assaults and the police lying to pay him back...oh yeah Winski is counting on that never ever happening because the blue wall extends where ever his family travels he is confident they won't be victims of violence and they won't be treated they way he treated me participating in covering up threats, breaking laws and they used Ron Kuby's letter to pretend the NYPD did not lie in police reports breaking the law, threatening me and the det squad acted on a misoygnist hate crime threat...

I am glad everyone involved in the violence and lies is confident there is no karma and G-d will not punish them.  Keep kidding yourself.

NYPD Ed Winski is a coward corrupt evil little man and I want his kids to see this attack video.

I want Ed Winski to answer questions under oath along with Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Chief Esposito, Chief Banks and Lt Gannon, NYPD PC O'Neill, John Miller lets ask the cops who made the most money 2012 to current under oath about this video and the police reports, Delita Hooks signed letter threatening me and her false cross complaint as well as the detective squad acting on a misoygnist hate crime to bury me destroy me see the tables turned on  me cunt calling threat by a cowardly lawyer my guess Joe Tacopina and the 2nd account my guess Chad Seigel.

I sent the threats and harassment by both sock puppet lawyers to Det Vergona and asked if it is witness tampering.

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