NYPD committed Crimes in my Case and how many other cases?

They love using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend I was not coerced and the NYPD did not commit a pile up of crimes.
The Detectives in my case Det Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer, their partners, and supervisors and facebook friends NYPD PO Eugene Schatz aka Gene Schatz and Det Tommy Moran were party to the fact Verogna was lying in his DD5s and was going to verbally violently threaten me over the phone because the cowardly criminal detectives and supervisors did not have it in them to commit the crimes they committed and face me but they did use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they dd not commit crimes and Internal Affairs has protected them along w/ top brass all party to retaliation.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, PC O'Neill Protecting Joe Tacopina Alleged Crime my Case because he did the NYPD a favor getting an Abner Louima torture cop off?

Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, PC O'Neill Protecting Joe Tacopina Alleged Crime my Case because he did the NYPD a favor getting an Abner Louima torture cop off?

I am confident all the men involved are misogynist who blame me the way they would blame a rape victim when it isn't her fault and I would like to ask them a lot of questions about my case under oath and about women under oath including "entertainment" yes NYPD entertainment and Joe Tacopina's alleged misogyny I have a lot of questions under oath starting with did he create the now deleted sock puppet account calling me a cunt threatening to bury me, destroy me and SEE THE TABLES TURNED AND WHEN I FORWARDED TO CORRUPT NYPD DETECTIVES ONLY TO HAPPY TO BREAK THE LAW AND CONFIDENT THEIR MISOGYNIST SUPERVISORS WOULD PROTECT THEIR CRIMES THEY ACTED ON THE MISOGYNIST HATE CRIME?

There is more -- the tacopina and relatives are super cowards, bullies addicted to threatening People?
There are 2 new fake sock puppets on the Joe Tacopina bragging parody about getting the NYPD rape Cops off but the serious crime involving my case and a group of NYPD detectives, their supervisors and Internal Affairs is highlighted below... fake acct Bob Dobalina and I allege Chad Seigel created a 2nd fake account it was Charles Ward? I have to look it up and I am too tired but they both threaten me and I asked them both is this witness tampering and after wetting their pants they deleted the accounts?

Joe Tacopina I allege is the coward still hiding wet his pants too scared to come out of his closet with how many crimes and dirty deeds that are going to give him prime real estate in hell but below a little peek about what Internal Affairs and NYPD have been protected the misogynist hate crime threat by a lawyer to cowardly to use his real name and the coward is I allege the same lawyer that wrote my attacker's shockingly stupid letter also a crime open lying threatening me.....and the corrupt
dirty NYPD now protected by 3 PC's 2 Chiefs of IA, Chief Boyce attacked on the misogynist hate crime joining in committing crimes which is why the corrupt NYPD detectives and their supervisors rushed to seal their crimes with I allege Joe Tacopina's crime and those that lied to the NYPD during an open investigation as well as

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