NYPD committed Crimes in my Case and how many other cases?

They love using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend I was not coerced and the NYPD did not commit a pile up of crimes.
The Detectives in my case Det Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer, their partners, and supervisors and facebook friends NYPD PO Eugene Schatz aka Gene Schatz and Det Tommy Moran were party to the fact Verogna was lying in his DD5s and was going to verbally violently threaten me over the phone because the cowardly criminal detectives and supervisors did not have it in them to commit the crimes they committed and face me but they did use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they dd not commit crimes and Internal Affairs has protected them along w/ top brass all party to retaliation.

I had respected the NYPD until NYPD PO Gene Schatz and his facebook friends Detective Andrew Dwyer and Det John Vergona, with their partners, and supervisors DI Ed Winski, Lt Angelo Burgos and Sgt Chen did a bait and switch downgrading their crimes and Delita HOOKS crimes to no crimes. Google Dr Fagelman assault and see Delita HOOKS in action but she wasn't done breaking laws and the NYPD detectives and supervisors joined in and did Dr Andrew Fagelman quite a favor since he did not fire his violent, manipulative attack receptionist and when a private investigator asked Dr Fagelman did you talk to the NYPD he said "no comment" aka he would implicate himself in the crimes of arranging for Delita HOOKS to walk in and commit a crime filing a false cross complaint and Dr Fagelman was party to even more crimes the face Det John VERGONA was going to violently threaten me over the phone with false arrest on a Saturday 4pm only for the utmost retaliation and even fabrication of crimes which Eric Garner outlines in his own case 4 years ago....
These corrupt evil people would teach be about the real NYPD and how they break laws, do fixing and favors and all these years Internal Affairs protected these crimes along with Corp Counsel Zachary Carter lied in my case and his predecessor before him.

Friday, June 14, 2013

SAIC Derivative Law Suit Judge A Moment of Oopsie SAIC go Pay 11 Million for Stealing + NYPD Fixing for Dr. Fagelman Delita Hooks?


SAIC Derivative Law Suit Judge A Moment of Oopsie SAIC go Pay 11 Million for Stealing + NYPD Fixing for Dr. Fagelman Delita Hooks?

I just wonder if the Judge on the SAIC Derivative law suit took a moment --- did he have any kind of feeling of discomfort when he saw the latest news that SAIC is to pay $11 million in fines for stealing -- another CityTime type theft by SAIC and there was no Gerard Denault.

No offense Judge but did you ever get the feeling the fix is in and for some reason certain folks above the law and innocent people like me are being coerced threatened even with false arrest in my case for being a victim of a violent assault by a medical receptionist of Dr. Andrew Fagelman so why did the NYPD fix this violent crime and take over where Delita Hooks dr faglman's violent employee left off?

See the above link and for me I am a victim of  the NYPD fixing a violent assault by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's violent lying receptionist but it did not matter that she lied because my video proves she threatened me with bodily harm and she was the aggressor when she easily could have closed the door.

I was to go to jail Oct. 20 for a weekend for being a victim of a violent assault while I blog about the largest theft and corruption EVER in NYC government history and no arrests of top officials NYC gov and contractors who allowed historic theft and abuse.

Did the NYPD fix it because of my politics and blogging content including asking when are the NYPD rape cops going to jail -- yes that was on my blog when the First Precinct Det Squad was suppose to be investigating me being violently assaulted but decided to violate the oath they took at NYPD officer to fix the violent crime and so I question did Dr. Fagelman pick up the phone and call his NYPD friend or friends and ask for some fixing and favors?  http://youtu.be/dh9TedhfthE

Dr. Fagelman was asked by an investigator if he did speak to the NYPD and he said "No comment".  Interesting huh.  Det. John Vergona a corrupt and evil man in my opinion said no doctors would be interviewed as they did not witness the assault.

What I am saying in NYC SAIC is above the law and in my own experience the NYPD protected Dr. Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks from accountablity when my video proves that Delita Hooks violently assaulted me and Dr Fagelman did not fire her.  He clearly failed to since to the yelp feedback before I ever walked in to the medical office at 155 Spring St. to get a cyst removed from my elbow --  $430 medical bills but after Delita Hooks assaulted me nearly blinding me now a fortune in medical bills compared to $430 but it looks like the NYPD wanted to make it impossible for me in every way possible as if Det. John Vergona himself had punched me in the eye, kicked me and ripped out my hair and earring.  The very evil Det. John Vergona admitted that was some video.

NYPD fixed me being violently assaulted and I was given a choice of dropping the charges against my will or being forced me spend a weekend in jail with Det. John Vergona and his fellow detectives involved and DI Ed Winski on down knowing I was to be false arrest.  I alerted Winksi and he had no interest in investigating why  was to be false arrested.

The weekend jail stay option of a false arrest and weekend stay at the First Precinct  with a hole in my retina/ detached retiannand damage to my cervical spine, neck in a brace  for being savagely Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks used me like a human pinata so evil corrupt det vergona said to me I had to go to jail if I didn't drop the charges.  First he yelled at me YOU ARE GOING TO DROP THOSE CHARGES!  Too bad Det. John Vergona did not have that kind of passion when it came to investigating crime just fixing crime.




Did the NYPD fix me being violently assaulted emotionally pistol whipping me forcing me to pick between Truth and Justice and endure a weekend in jail with a hole in my retina, cervical damage or walk away dropping charges making me admit to what was not true to avoid a false arrest and a weekend in jail.  The video proves I was coerced in to dropping charges but why did the NYPD do this?

Why did Det John Vergona tell me he did not care if I had two black eyes.  The evil coward and abuser has never met me so my first chance to see this piece of shit in person would have been to be false arrested but instead I was convinced for my health and the seriousness of the injuries to walk away.

Ron Kuby did not even send over the letter I agreed to which feels like a violation.  Ron Kuby said when I move forward  suing Dr. Fagelman and Delita Hooks he will write a letter explaining what happened and what I agreed to is I will drop the charges if the receptionist drops the alleged charges.  Delita Hooks name was with held from me but Delita Hooks letter had my name proving to me that she violated my patient privacy and rights as well as my body and she expressed concern I might come back and try and presses charges again so the lawyer who ghost wrote the letter for her knew but the lawyer never imagined I would go Internal Affairs.  The lawyer and Dr. Fagelman along with Delita Hooks are confident for some reasons that Delita Hooks can get away with this violent assault like Dr. Fagelman has a friend in Internal Affairs?  I just am wondering because Delita Hooks clearly threatened me with bodily harm, violently assaulted me and the video proves a false cross complaint and she has yet to be arrested.

I faxed Internal Affairs, The First Precinct and even the FBI because I want the FBI in the loop because corruption in the NYPD is caught more often if the Feds are involved.

New York tale of two cities where certain people are above the law.

If Delita Hooks had murdered me that would have been tough for Det. John Vergona to fix.

yes that would have been a toughie but Vergona did not work alone.  If the commander DI Ed Winski refused to look in to this and he did not contact internal affairs despite the sign about contacting IAB right at the front desk of the First Precinct because DI Ed Winski did not think there was anything in the least bit fishy about me having to wait 4 days to be false arrested despite being a victim of a violent assault.

The NYPD corruption like they worked for Dr. Fagelman and knowingly used Delita Hooks lies to emotionally pistol whip me in to doing Delita Hooks bidding has prevented me from getting the care and healing I need to move forward as a victim of a victim of a violent assault.

The NYPD say protect and serve but that is lie -- false advertising.

The MD is suppose to put our safety first but Dr. Fagelman doesn't he owes me anything not privacy or a safe place and his violent receptionist had the right to come out from behind the desk to menace me, make violent hand gestures -- you can see at least one in the video that is like the one she made getting between me and the door as I tried to exit.

The Judge that made the ruling he did in the SAIC Derivative law suit and the cops that fixed this violent crime -- do they ever think for one minute -- what did I do?

The Judge took a long time and made a ruling.  It was the wrong ruling but the laws often protect the criminals it seems to me.

The corrupt NYPD fixed this violent crime and the irony is if they were honest and did the right thing the Manhattan DA would have given Delita Hooks a wrist slap because if she has any criminal record it is not public record.  Based on her violence I believe she has a history but do I want to spend a fortune having private investigators speaking searching for evidence talking to anyone and everyone she knows and or going back to her school records?

So why did the NYPD refuse to go to the DA with the video and evidence that Delita Hooks assaulted me and filed a false cross complaint.  I also reported she may be guilty of aggravated harassment asking people including patients to come to my YouTube channel to harass me, slander me and falsely blame me despite the video evidence.

I can't imagine what would have happened if I did not have the video evidence.

By the way --- the only crime bigger than CityTime that has been fixed so far is the 911 Tech Corruption and there are more deaths and casualties that have been reported.

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